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Wedding photography at Orchardleigh House

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Lucy and Ben had a wonderful wedding at Orcharleigh House. It was a pleasure to be photographer and accompany Lucy from the Garden House to the Church for the ceremony. Moving to the main house for a fabulous reception and lots of fun.

When photographing a spring wedding (in April) you have to be prepared for any weather. Lucy brought a wonderful blue pair of wellies in the Rolls, I had two crisp white golfing umbrellas in the boot of the car. We were blessed with good weather, although muddy under the foot when we ventured down to the lake to take a few images.

I hope you like this little collection as much as I do. Please do let me know!

Somerset wedding photographer, Morag MacDonald
B&W wedding photograph at Orcharleigh House, Somerset

Somerset and Bristol wedding Photography
Wedding image, brides hair, Orchardleigh House

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