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A newborn baby shoot at home often takes up to 2-3 hours giving lots of time for feeds and changes. Babies photograph well after a long feed, they become sleepy and 'milk drunk', so sessions can take a long time. Older siblings are welcome to join the shoot. It is often best for them to be included at the start of the shoot or to join towards the end. Young children often just manage 10-15 minutes (with all the attention on the newborn it can be hard!) so having a parent or friend to take them home can be helpful. 
I do not charge a session fee if I photographed your wedding, please call me on 0117 9094503 to book.

Newborn baby at my studio

  • If I photographed your wedding I would have met up with you before your day, often 2 or 3 times. I might photograph a pre-wedding shoot, design a signing board to be at the reception. On the day itself I am with you, in the midst of your closest family and friends. I often meet up once or twice whilst designing the wedding album. After all of this I am humbled to be invited to photograph a pregnany or new baby shoot.

    It is an honour and a joy to be involved in the most wonderful events in the life of your new family. This is why I offer pregnancy and new baby shoots without a shoot fee.

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