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*** Courses are on hold untill it is safe to move around more freely. Please join our newsletter to be the first to hear when I am able to resume photography courses and workshops. ***

Must be booked with Day One Photography Course, (20th June); or you have attended a previous day one or 5 week course. This is your chance to hone your skills. Maximum group size 8.

The morning will focus on building a safe and secure digital workflow where you will also learn about resolution and pixels, working in a non-destructive way and cataloguing your images. Before leaving the studio to shoot you will be shown a set of inspirational images and get a chance to discuss how the images were created and composed. Techniques like using long shutter speeds to create soft blurred seascapes and waterfalls will be discussed in detail as well as wonderful portraits with motion, frozen moments in time. You will learn these are in-camera techniques creating these images without the use of Photoshop or other editing programmes.

The afternoon will be a practical shoot, you are encouraged to use the techniques learned. We will finish the shoot with a look at portraiture, choosing backgrounds and working with available light. Rounding off a busy weekend! You will need a single lens reflex (SLR) or bridge camera that has manual mode. 10am - 4.30.

Beginners Digital Photography Day 2 - Sunday 21st June 2020

  • A digital SLR camera with at least one lens and a clean memory card.
    A packed lunch and a drink on both days.
    Appropriate clothing: Warm clothing and wet weather gear or a sun hat (sun cream too if we are lucky enough to get a good day) as we will be shooting outside for a large part of the day.
    Pen and paper for notes.  
    A tripod if you have one for Day Two.

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